Saturday, 17 December 2016

2017 Urban Sketchers Cambridge Sketchcrawls Venues and Schedule

  • Saturday 14th Jan - Library sketching organised by Sue
  • Saturday 11th Feb - Addenbrooke's hospital organised by Susan
  • Saturday 11th March - Grand Arcade organised by Sue
  • Saturday 8th April - Robinson College organised by Yasemin
  • Sunday 14th May - Station Roads Sketchcrawl organised by Susan
  • Saturday 3rd Jun - Strawberry Fair/festivals organised by Yasemin
  • Sunday 16th July - Grantchester sketching and picnic organised by Sue
  • Sunday 13th Aug - King's Parade organised by Yasemin
  • Sunday 10th Sep - Round Church TBC organised by Susan
  • 21st or 22th Oct - St John College TBC organised by Sue & Yasemin
  • Sunday 12th Nov - Fitzwilliam Museum organised by Susan
  • Sunday 10th Dec - Sketching at Waterstones bookshop organised by Yasemin

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